About us

The Healing Tree of Life is a online Naturopathic practice that combines Nutritional, Herbal and Astro Medicine to offer a holistic solution to women's health concerns.

Our protocols encourage and promote your body's natural self-healing mechanisms according to the 4 natural laws.






Nutrition as a medicine

Nutrition can be used as a medicine. The food you eat and beverages you drink contribute to your health and well-being. You feel much better, have more energy and have healthier outcomes when you have a well-rounded diet rich in nutrition.

The Healing Tree of Life can help you through recommending various food and supplemental sources of nutrition that can positively impact dis-ease.

The four natural laws 

1. You shall nourish your body with living foods

Eat a living-food diet, more alkaline than acid. Eat mostly the cleansing fruits and vegetables (earth and sea) some building proteins, few congestors ( nuts, seeds and legumes) and strictly no meat or dairy products.

A vital, more raw-food diet is recommended.


2. You shall move your body.

Exercise is the distribution process of our nourishment. It aids the assimilation, utilisation and elimination of foods.

Moving every joint every day will maintain flexibility and function. Be active enough to keep your muscles toned an maintain a strong heart.

3. You shall rest your body and allow it to recuperate.

This balances out our activity. It includes sleep, rest, relaxation an recreation, particularly important to help you de-stress. Engage in playful and enjoyable hobbies and laugh a lot. 

4. You shall cleanse your entire body ( outer and inner).

A wholesome high-fiber diet allows regular bowels movement.

Order and cleanliness in your surroundings both prevent dis-ease and support creativity.

(Rays of the Dawn, T.Fleet)

The Power of Herbs

Although nutrients can be eaten, many people do not get the nutrition they need to treat the dis-ease. In these cases, herbal medicines are available to help you meet your nutritional needs as well as detoxify your overburden organs.

Herbs can be taken as infusion, decoction, tinctures and spagyrics.

Spagyrics and tinctures are very popular among my clients. I make spagyrics according to ancient alchemical processes which use the BODY, MIND and SOUL of the plants. Spagyrics are very potent medicines and usually a couple of drops per day suffice. (check out our apothecary to discover our products)

AstroMedicine - The science of the stars 

As per the hermetic principle of correspondence "As above so below", whatever changes in the universe are likely to affect your body positively or negatively.​

AstroMedicine is the science based art of gaining scientific knowledge regarding a dis-ease and its causes as shown by the planets placements at the time and place  of your birth, as well as  those debilitations unique to your natal chart.

AstroMedicine is also very useful in determining the appropriate herb(s) for your personal needs.