From Trading Floor to Naturopathic Practice

Hi, I am Carine the owner of the Healing Tree of Life. I am also a qualified Master Herbalist and Naturopath.


Let me introduce myself and rewind for a minute.

I was born and raised in France.  I went to university in the UK. Once  I graduated, I worked in a bank as a trading analyst and decided to settle in the UK.

Fast forward, my son is born and few years later diagnosed with autism. For the time in my life, I felt lost. All my belief systems, medical system, educational system... had let me down. No one could provide me with the answers to my questions. On the assessment day, I was given a leaflet on autism, a pat on the shoulder and a " good luck". They had signed my son death's sentence in a minute, I still remember their words: " he'll never talk", "he'll never be independent"... I was devastated.

And then, during a seminar I became enlightened. Biology and Nutrition  were the answers I had been searching for. So I studied Nutrition, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine for 4 years. 

The rest is history. My son is now 11 and well. Together, we prove all the medical professionals wrong. Did I mention I reversed my PCOS and blasted 2 fibroids in the process? Yes, I did. My son, my first teacher taught me that we are natural beings living in an unnatural world, who forgot about natural laws and the only way to heal our dis-ease is to go back to a more natural, indigenous way of living. I have created the Healing Tree of Life with his teachings in mind with the aim to help you regain balance within your bodies (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual). 

I have a keen interest in women health more precisely hormone imbalances based conditions. I believe teaching women how to be healthy will heal nations for they will teach their children and husbands.

The Healing Tree of Life is here to help you re-member how to live, because leading a healthy lifestyle is living otherwise you are only surviving. 

Happy Healing!