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Our Story

About the Apothecary

The Apothecary, the online shop of the Healing Tree of Life was established in 2012 by Certified Herbalist and Naturopath, Carine Grivalliers.

Carine realized there was a need for natural and effective alternatives to Western medicine and pharmaceuticals.

The Apothecary brings the ancient medicinal knowledge into today's modern world making its products unique, tasty and easy to use.

About The Healing Tree of Life

The Healing Tree of Life's mission is to empower women to feel embodied when it comes to their reproductive health, so that they can boost their fertility and create the families they desire, feeling confident about their choices regarding fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and beyond.

Carine’s mission is to educate and empower women about the power and sacredness of their wombs, so that they can happily and peacefully conceive, keep their pregnancies and deliver healthy babies.

So many women who fail at their first attempt at pregnancy are discouraged. Before giving up hope or resorting to extreme or expensive therapies, browse through my apothecary and find out how the Healing Tree of Life can help you to create the family you desire and deserve.


The Healing Tree of Life
London, UK