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Organic FERTILITEA herbal blend - The Natural answer to an easy conception 

Contains: Nettle* (Urtica Dioica), Red Raspberry Leaves* (Rubus Idaeus), Rose* (Rosa), Spearmint* (Mentha Spicata), Damiana* (Turnera Diffusa), Chasteberry * (Vitex Agnus-Castus)


Quantity: 100g


Description and Uses:


Trying to conceive can be stressful. Take some time for yourself and enjoy a cup of FertiliTea - a natural and delicious herbal fertility tea designed to increase your chances of getting pregnant. FertiliTea brings together a handful of medicinal herbs long used to support hormone balance, promote menstrual cycle regularity, and strengthen and tone the uterus, which work together to optimize your fertility and reproductive health. Each bag of loose-leaf FertiliTea is vacuum-sealed for freshness and contains about a 1 month supply of this nutritive herbal tonic. All ingredients are certified organic or wildcrafted, and of the freshest and highest quality with no preservatives or additives, and no sweeteners. Each cup of FertiliTea offers a zesty, refreshing aroma and delightful mint flavor - a perfect way to relax into your fertility.


ONE BAG OF TEA MAKES 60 CUPS OF TEA - For Best Results, Drink 2 or 3 Cups Daily - Use a Tea Ball to Brew One Cup at a Time or Make an Entire Pot and Refrigerate for Later