The Elixir Of Healing (Nano Silver) -  First aid in a bottle
Purified water
Nano, diatomic and monatomic Silver (Argentum)
No allergens.
Description and uses:
The Elixir of Healing is a natural antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-protozoa. It activates cellular regeneration and is a pathogenic detox.
The Elixir of Healing kills DNA of pathogens
It can penetrate a pathogen, destroy important proteins such as glycoproteins, RNA and DNA, which stops reproduction and the pathogen therefore dies. It can adhere to the surface membrane of pathogenic bacteria and other pathogens and block their oxygen supply, causing them to die.
The Elixir of Healing activates healing
It induces de-differentiation of cells, which can then return to stem cells.
Stem cells can take on any desired form, thereby stimulating healing.
Results on viruses is equal to bacteria plus undermining enzyme cathepsin.
Yeasts and moulds, germination stopped.
When a bacteria is killed, that bacteria becomes a zombie that now kills his pathogenic friends, just like silver does.
The Elixir of Healing is beneficial for:
- Infection and inflammation
- Skin complaints
- (Open) wounds and burns
- Mouth infections and tooth decay
- Candida and other fungal issues
- Protozoa and other single cell parasites
- Detox
- Leaky Gut
- Tick bite
- Herpes 
Why choose the Elixir of Healing?
The Elixir of Healing contains nano minerals which are extremely small, even smaller than plant derived mineral making it easier to be absorbed compared to pills or powders.
The Elixir of Healing the solution to supplement for individuals with digestive issues in which the absorption of vitamins or minerals is severely disrupted.
Furthermore, when the Elixir of Healing is held in the mouth for 30 seconds before being swallowed, meaning it is immediately introduced into the body and used straight away.