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The Elixir Of Life (Nano Gold) - The only supplement you will ever need.

Quantity: 100 ml

Ingredients: Purified water, Nano Gold (Aurum). No allergens.


Description and uses:


Alternative medicine experts and researchers suggest Gold as a life-changing medicine. Gold is a supplement which when taken regularly brings the body in the most desirable state. It increases the level of good hormones, fight with outside toxins and chemical, and improves the vital body functioning.

The alternative medicine experts state since our body itself contains Gold, so it is more of a natural and holistic healing substance with almost zero side-effect as compared to medicinal drugs.


Some of the various holistic benefits of Gold are described below:


1. Correct The DNA Structures

Gold is the only element that can correct the genetic makeup of the human body. It can restore the original DNA structure.

It can also correct DNA errors and bring it back its evolutionary state. This way, it enhances the healing speed in case of injuries.

Further, it can even prevent the foreign matter from spreading inside the body and thus preventing it any other future health complications.


2. Controls Food Cravings

Gold is a super nutritious element which controls the food cravings. It has the property to give your body the right amount of food required by reducing the need for consuming a large amount of food. Thus, it not only keeps your body nutritious and healthy but maintains your weight too.


3. Slows Down Ageing Process

Aging is a natural body process that is irreversible too. Nevertheless, Gold can help you achieve this. It has properties that decrement the aging cycle.

It does by slowing the onset of aging. With its usage, you won’t suffer aging issues like grey hair, wrinkled skin, weakness, fatigue, etc. More off, it also boosts your brain’s memory process. Thus, weak memory won’t be a problem when you will turn old.


4. Improves Mental Ability

Gold improves mental ability too. It increases the brain functioning and activates the brain generating neurons to act more effectively and efficiently. It in turns gives clarity and focus, heightened senses, calmness, emotional healing, and by clear thinking. Overall, it helps you to give a clear picture of stimuli and develops a feasible response too.


5. Boost Immunity

An enhanced Immune system is one another advantage of Gold consumption. It gives a pro-life to you. It is efficient in combating several diseases like cancer and AIDS. If taken as a supplement it can keep you disease-free in the longer run. Gold enhances the immune system and thus prevents infections from foreign agents.



The Elixir of Life is the most efficient way to take Gold. Why?


The Elixir of Life contains nano minerals which are extremely small, even smaller than plant derived mineral making it easier to be absorbed compared to pills or powders.

Nano minerals are also the solution to supplement for individuals with digestive issues in which the absorption of vitamins or minerals is severely disrupted.

Furthermore, when the Elixir of Life is held in the mouth for few seconds before being swallowed, the aurum is immediately introduced into the body and used straight away.