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Today in 2020, I feel there is definitely a sense of wanting to be healthy.

People genuinely want to lead a healthy lifestyle and are aware of the importance of a balanced diet and how it affects their health and wellness.

This is great progress. However, many women’s health conditions still go undiagnosed and most drug trials do not include female test subjects. Even so, women bear exclusive health concerns, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, and pregnancy. Women suffer higher heart attack deaths compared to men. Depression and anxiety exhibit more frequently among female patients. Urinary tract conditions present more often in females, and sexually transmitted diseases can cause more harm to women.

How do we solve this? Education, education and more education.

You see, many of you still believe prescription drugs actually treat their dis-ease when in fact, they only mask your symptoms. Your symptoms only act as warning signs informing you something has gone wrong in your body. In order to treat a dis-ease, we need to first identify its root cause.

My mission is to transform as many women and children lives as possible by helping them to reach health and wellness. 

Invest in your health today and enjoy lifelong wellness.

Carine Grivalliers

Naturopath and Master Herbalist

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