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Meet the Founder

Carine Grivalliers

Founder of The Healing Tree of Life

I am a qualified and registered Naturopath and Master Herbalist.

I am also the mother of an 11 years old gorgeous boy.

Younger, my son suffered from gut dysbiosis and compromised immune system which resulted in many imbalances in his body. Unhappy with the allopathic medicine approach, I then embarked in a learning journey with the intention to improve his health.

In 2012, after 4 years of studying and successfully balancing my son's state of health. I decided to open the Healing Tree of Life to the general public to help more children. Over the years, I have gradually expanded my practice to women as well because when women are healthy, they will not only create healthy children, they will also teach them how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

My practice is very unique due to the fact, I use Astro - Medicine as well as Nutrition and Herbal Medicine which means I am able to offer you a complete nutritional, holistic and naturopathic solution to your health needs and thus, provide you with a unique and personalised remedy. As Max Heindel once said: "Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing a remedy, for it reveals the hidden cause of the ailments".

Also, all my consultations can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home since they are conducted via Skype.

I enjoy the investigative and analytical side of my work - taking the time to talk with my clients, decoding laboratory work results and interpreting birth charts to find the root cause of my clients bodies imbalance (physical, emotional and spiritual bodies - Body, Mind and Soul) and appropriate remedy. I focus on encouraging your body to promote its OWN HEALING abilities ( Read more about the Healing Tree of Life 10 Commandments HERE).

I am also a mentor and advocate for parents of children with autism and regularly organises workshops to empower children and their families.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Healing Tree of Life Family and introducing you to the healthy lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.


Why Naturopathy?

You probably already heard  someone say: " of well no surprise I have diabetes, it runs in my family". Let me share a secret with you, the reality is...

     Healthy children, Happier parents

When I think of women health, one word comes to my mind: Estrogen.

Depending on the life stage of a woman and whether estrogen...

Slow down the aging process

A healthy lifestyle is not just about the physical body. Our mind and body are interconnected and affect each other.

For example, a stressful situation...

    Balance your Body, Mind & Soul

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